Project B.I.K.E

Be Inspired, Keep Empowering (B.I.K.E) is a project to raise funds for the Marawi community from the Philippines that erupted by the military and local terrorist groups on 23 of May 2017.

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The plan is for the leader of the project to cycle from London to Edinburgh, deliver 50 speeches in a year, help 20 children with their education, and raise RM100,000, which equivalent to £18,000 for the community.

The leader will give speeches about sustainable development and youth development in schools. If she can raise RM100,000, she is able to build a school for the poor community and this, will be change more than 20 young people’s life, and this will be a meaningful project that helps the children.

Hopefully she will be capable to complete the mission, and write her own auto-biography together with her friends.




More about the leader: The leader is a young woman from Malaysia. The idea for the campaign cropped up in her head when she was feeling fearful about her future after graduation.

As a big believer in love, faith and hope, she reckons her effort may not be big enough to change the world, yet she knows she ready to change one person’s world.






Being an active youth activist for Sustainable Development Goal for very nearly 2 years crosswise over Asia, she chose to figure out how to unlearn the things she once knew, be humble and put herself down again as an ordinary person to engage with the people from various cultures and environments that she had no knowledge of.





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